Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They're BIG and They're FAKE!

Wedding styles and trends come and go, and are always evolving. Something that has surely changed is the WEDDING CAKE. Brides have said "goodbye" to the traditional white butter cream frosted cake and "hello" to something BIG and FABULOUS. Wedding cakes are now becoming more of a focal point of the "big day". The bigger, the better!

With bigger and better cakes, comes a bigger price tag. Many brides want the towering cake that probably feeds 500 people, when in fact their guest count is only 180. In reality, who would want to spend an extra thousand dollars for cake that no one will eat? Not me! That's why bakeries and brides alike have gotten creative and have designed a great trick to get the look of the cake you want without breaking the bank! GO FAKE!

Many bakeries now offer "dummy layers" for your wedding cake. For example, say you want a 6 tier cake and your guest count is 150. Obviously, you will not need 6 layers for 150 people, so the baker will offer to incorporate fake layers into your cake to give you the height and look that you want. The fake layers usually consist of Styrofoam and are decorated exactly like the rest of the cake. I guarantee, your guests will not know the difference!

Another option is to go completely fake. I'm currently working with a bride who is on a tight budget. She would LOVE to have the towering decorative fondant cake, but it's just not an option. We have opted to create a tall, luxurious, fake wedding cake! The bottom layer will be real so that she will be able to cut the cake with her husband and as for the guests, we will have multiple sheet cakes that the kitchen staff will cut and serve to guests.

There are many sites that sell or rent fake wedding cakes, or kits that you can make them yourself. If you decide to contract a bakery to make your fake wedding cake, you will more than likely have to purchase your sheet cakes from them in return. Be sure to check with them before signing a contract.


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Murphy's Mom said...

BRILLIANT! I wish someone had suggested that for my wedding!


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