Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jessica & Tom's Island Wedding in Maine

"My wedding style started off as a mishmash of ideas really. Just picking random things from magazines and the Internet. I told my bridesmaids that they could pick among themselves the color and style of the bridesmaids dress they wanted because I really didn't care what my colors were, I just wanted the dresses to be the same. I had originally had red in mind because it would look nice on everyone, and they ended up picking the red anyway.

As far as my flowers I knew I wanted roses, and I really didn't want all red, and I really didn't want white either because my dress was ivory. I wanted some nice complimentary colors and some bright summer colors mixed in. I wanted reds, pinks, chartreuse, and more. My florist was fantastic when I went to him with these ideas. I didn't even know how the colors I had in my head were going to turn out, but they made all of the colors I loved work together.

We made the table numbers ourselves. They were candle plates from Wal-mart. We printed the numbers off the computer, cut them out and decoupaged them on. My only tip is to let the plates dry as long as possible, and put wax paper between them before stacking them to transport them. The decoupage remained somewhat tacky for a long time. We got the black easels from a craft store.

We combined our table assignments with our favors, as well as each guest's food choice. We had issues with the reception hall because I wanted to have more food choices than they wanted my guests to have. They agreed that if we could come up with a way to make it organized so that the servers would be able to tell who had what, and so the guest wouldn't have to remember what they had ordered on the invite, that we could do it.

Our favors were glass coasters that you could put photos in. We tied the coasters together with ribbon. Each ribbon color was a different meal choice. The front coaster had the guests' name along with their table number. The ribbon on their coaster was their meal choice. We had small clear plastic easels in front of each place setting for the coasters to set in so the servers could see them and serve the proper meal. The people at the venue were very happy with our solution.

We hired the trolleys out of necessity because of a lack of parking at the ceremony site. It was a lot of fun, and the whole wedding party rode the trolley from the ceremony back to the reception. The invitations were the pocket fold kind and one of the cards inside included a small blurb about the trolley service, where to wait for it etc. The invites had a box to check if you wanted to ride the trolley or not so we would know how many trolleys we would need and the trolley service would know how many runs they needed to make. The signs on the front were made up at a local print shop.

We made the invites ourselves. We ordered the envelopes and the actual pocket fold, as well as the background colored paper from My Gatsby. My mom, dad and I made the rest of the invitations on the computer, got together, drank a bunch of wine, cut and glued the invitations together. It was a nice time to spend with my parents." (Nestie: MaineWifey)

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