Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh Baby!

Recently I planned my first baby shower, and it was an adventure. The event took place in a private dining area at a high end country club. My client (the mother of the mommy-to-be) was a blast to work with. She trusted my creativity and vision which made my job a lot easier. Having no kids myself, and my friends being childless, I've only been to one baby shower, so I took it upon myself to create a baby shower that I would want to attend.

As we all know, showers tend to be on the boring side. We watch the guest of honor open gifts that she knows she's getting because she asked for them on her registry and everyone ohhh's and ahhh's. Well I decided to keep everyone entertained by playing games that had everyone interacting with one another. We had Baby Bingo which awarded the winner with a bottle of wine rather than some little picture frame or candle they'll never use. We also played a fill in the blank nursery rhyme game which had everyone conversing to find the answers. To give away the floral centerpiece I made little napkin diapers for each place setting, but only person from each table had the "poopy diaper", and that person got to keep the centerpiece. To top everything off the guests were treated to an ultimate candy buffet, with 12 different types of candy. It was a sweet ending to a perfect day!

It was also the first shower I've been to that everyone stayed until the very end. Myself and the staff at the country club had started to clean up while people were still hanging around. All in all, it was a wonderful day and the first of many baby showers!

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